IsatecShop supplies a range of data loggers to suit every data collection purpose in all industries. Data logger applications include fridge, freezer, incubator, warehouse, and transport data loggers, all available for purchase at IsatecShop.

  • Temperature Indicators
  • Temperature Mapping Packs
  • Fridge & Freezer Data Loggers
  • Thermal & Steriliser Validation Data Loggers
  • Food Process Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Data Loggers

Temperature Indicators

Browse a range of electronic temperature indicators and adhesive strips from SpotSee (formerly Shockwatch temperature indicators) and LogTag designed to ensure supply chain integrity is maintained economically.

Temperature Mapping Packs

Low cost temperature mapping packs, partnered with our assistance, ensure compliance to MHRA/FDA/BAPW/BRC enforced regulations on thermal profiling in warehouses, fridges and freezers.

Fridge & Freezer Data Loggers

Legislation dictates temperature data must be collected when storing time and temperature sensitive products such as vaccines. We stock fridge and freezer data loggers, including vaccine fridge data loggers, to ensure the appropriate temperature is always maintained, which can range from -80°C to +8°C.

Thermal & Steriliser Validation Data Loggers

Browse thermal and steriliser validation data loggers for collecting temperature, humidity and pressure data within ovens, autoclave steam sterilisers, ultra-low temperature freezers and more. These data loggers are ideally suited to sterilisation and thermal validation exercises where data from multiple sensors can be deployed to generate a conclusive time profile of environmental conditions.

Food Process Monitoring

Browse fridge, freezer and oven data loggers for food temperature monitoring. Ideal for validating cooking, cooling and storage processes to assist in complying with HACCP and meeting quality standard enforced by regulators.

Supply Chain Data Loggers

Browse cost effective supply cold chain data loggers and shipping temperature monitors for monitoring perishable goods and time temperature sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. Select from single and multiple use shipping data loggers that track froze, refrigerated and ambient shipping temperatures with innovative data distribution options at point of delivery.